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WallSwitch is a socket for remote control of a 110/230 V~ power supply. The power supply of the relay is not galvanically isolated with terminal blocks. Therefore, WallSwitch only switches the power coming in at the power supply terminal blocks. The device has a power consumption meter and three types of protection for voltage, current and temperature.


WallSwitch controls the power supply of circuit-connected electrical appliances with a load of up to 3 kW via the Ajax-apps, automation scenarios, the relay function button and by pressing the button. WallSwitch is connected to the Ajax security system via the secure Jeweler radio protocol. The communication range is up to 1000 meters in line of sight. The device only works with radio signal amplifiers en hubs off Ajax


You can connect WallSwitch to the hub in less than one minute. All you need to do is scan a QR code with the Ajax app. The miniature relay (39×33×18 mm) is easy to place in a recessed wall plate, the housing of an electrical appliance, or an electrical panel with a DIN Holder. A flexible external antenna ensures stable communication.


All details:

Control device assignment: Electrically operated

Design flush built-in control device: Control device

Automatic action type: Action Type 1 (Electronic Decoupling)

Number of circuits: min. 200,000

Power supply voltage: 230 V~, 50 Hz

Rated pulse voltage: 2500– V~

(Category II overvoltage for single phase system)

Overvoltage protection:

For 230 V~ networks:

Maximum — 253 V~

Minimum — 184 V~

We recommend disabling this protection if WallSwitch is connected to 110 V~ networks.

Maximum load current: 10

Maximum current protection: Available, 13 A

Output power (resistor load: 230 V~):

for EAEU countries

Up to 2.3 kW

Output power (resistor load: 230 V~)

for other regions: Up to 3 kW

Operating mode: Pulse and Bistable (firmware version is or newer. Production date as of March 5, 2020)

Bistable only (firmware version below

Pulse duration: 1 to 255 seconds (firmware version or later)

Energy consumption monitoring: Available are: current, voltage, power consumption, electric energy meter

Power consumption of the device in standby mode: Less than 1 W

Radio communication protocol:


Frequency band of the radio signal:

866.0 – 866.5MHz

868.0 – 868.6MHz

868.7 – 869.2MHz

905.0 – 926.5MHz

915.85 – 926.5MHz

921.0 – 922.0MHz

(Depending on the sales region)

Compatibility: Alle Ajax-hubs and radio signal boosters

Radio signal modulation: GFSK

Radio signal range: Up to 1000 m

in line of sight

Pollution degree: 2

only suitable for indoor use

Safety class: IP20

Temperature range:

From 0°С to + 64°

Maximum temperature protection: Available, 65 °C

Humidity: Up to 75%

Dimensions: 39×33×18mm

Weight: 30 g

Lifespan:10 years


Colour: Black
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