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The Ajax StreetSiren is a wireless outdoor siren combined with an integrated LED flash. The siren is equipped with an adjustable sound level between 85 and 113 dB.


Works up to 1500 meters away from an Ajax Hub (open field) or on different floors of an office.

IP54, operating at temperature of  -25°C to +60°C and humidity up to 95%

Power supply: 12V DC or 4* CR123A battery

Adjustable sound level - 85 to 113dB

Alarm duration is adjustable - from 3 to 180 seconds

Housing is vandal-proof

Immediately alarms at sabotage attempts such as removal and/or moving

Control response of the siren possible - from 12 to 300 seconds

2-Way Communication via 868MHz

Status of the detector can be read via the app

Dimensions: 200mm x 200mm x 51mm

Battery life: Up to 5 years


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